A few things to remember before getting your tattoo...

 - Aim to be a few minutes early before your appointment. If it's your first time with us you'll need to do paperwork beforehand and the artist will often need to check the size and placement of the tattoo before starting. If you think you're going to be late, please call the shop so we can let your artist know. 

 - If you think you have to miss your appointment please give your artist at least 48 hours notice so they can fill that time with another appointment. In the case of an emergency just let us know as soon as you can. No call no shows will sacrifice their original deposit and will need to reschedule with a new deposit. In some cases you may be unable to get tattooed by an artist after a no call no show occurs. 

 - Make sure to eat a proper meal before getting tattooed. We also suggest bringing along snacks for longer appointments. Getting tattooed takes a severe toll on your body and keeping your energy and blood sugar up is important in being able to sit through your entire appointment and the recovery afterwards. 

 - Shower beforehand (for obvious reasons) and wear appropriate clothing. For a tattoo on your upper thigh you may want some loose fitting gym shorts, or a tank top for a tattoo on your bicep, and we would advise against getting tattooed in any items of clothing that you're attached to as there is always a possibility of getting ink and/or blood on them. 

- Please avoid bringing multiple guests (friends or family) to sit with you while getting tattooed. Seating and space in our shop is limited and it can be difficult for the artists to work and move when surrounded by multiple people.

 - Make sure you know what forms of payment your artist accepts. Cash is preferred, but many of our artists will accept payment via credit card, PayPal or Venmo. You can call us beforehand if you're unsure. 

 - Your artist will give you aftercare instructions once they're finished with your tattoo. We also have a printable copy of our shop's general aftercare instructions below. 

We look forward to working with you!