Henry Quiles

I've been into tattooing for as long as I can remember. From being fascinated by indigenous tattooed Polynesian Indians on the Discovery Channel to getting my first tattoo when I was 15, I always knew I'd end up in the tattoo world in one way or another. I have always been drawn to the bold and dynamic artworks of tattooing I am so thankful and blessed to be a contributing factor in that world.

Getting to work along such highly skilled artisans throughout my career has pushed me to make the most high quality tattoos that I can and I have been more happy than ever doing so in my new home of Denver.

I'm inspired by shapes and nature, and the connections in between some things that are so geometric and structured, to things that are natural and organic.

I love making a connection with my clients and creating something awesome together, because as "artsy-fartsy" as we tattooers can be, we have to remember we wouldn't be here without our clients and the love they have for letting us mark them for life with our artwork.