Guest Artists


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Alex Knox 6/22-6/24

Alex is the owner of and a tattooer at Trilogy in Tampa, Florida. His style ranges from American Traditional to Neo Traditional and Japanese and he'll tattoo almost any crazy idea you give him. To contact Alex and see the rest of his work you can check out is Instagram

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Nick Stegall 6/26-6/28

Nick is a good buddy of ours and a frequent guest. He tattoos at Amulet in St. Petersburg, Florida. Japanese, ornamental, traditional, Nick is a true jack of all tatty trades and one hell of a human being. You can check out his work on his Instagram and if you'd like to book you can head to his website

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Cody Dresser 7/6-7/7

Cody is currently tattooing at Dark Mark Gallery in Mansfield, TX. He has a bright and colorful new school/neo-traditional style and makes some extremely fun tattoos out of some equally fun/nerdy subjects. If you'd like to get tattooed by Cody you can email and you can see the rest of his work on his Instagram