Guest Artists


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Gina Ilzcyszyn 6/29-7/1

Gina tattoos at Davinci Tattoo Studio in Long Island, New York. Her focus is on black and grey realism and neo-traditional tattooing, all with her own ornamental flare. You can contact Gina about appointments via the contact page on her website and you can view the rest of her work on Instagram.

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Gordon Combs 6/28-6/29

Gordon currently tattoos out of Artwork Rebels in Portland, Oregon. He's an experienced artist who's extremely well-versed in American Traditional tattooing, inserting his unique style and color palate into every subject. You can contact Gordon via email and you can see the rest of his work on his Instagram account. 

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Wayne Fredrickson 7/6-7-8

Wayne is currently tattooing on the road. He specializes in American Traditional tattooing using his own unique designs as well as classic images. To get tattooed by wayne you can reach him via email and you can see his work on his Instagram.