Guest Artists


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Toothtaker 1/2-1/6

Toothtaker was the owner of Staring Without Caring in Tuscon before its closing and has been working around the country and overseas for the last few years. His tattoos, typically a bold take on Americana or folk imagery are unmistakable as his own. To schedule with Toothtaker you can email and you can see the remainder of his work on Instagram.

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Kathryn Ursula 2/16, 2/19-2/20

Kathryn works at Dharma Tattoo in London, England. She specializes in traditional Americana tattooing. You can spot her bold, classic, clean designs from a mile away. If you’d like to book with Kathryn you can email and you can check out the rest of her work on Instagram.

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Manee Friday 2/26-2/28

Our buddy Manee is back! Manee is visiting from Portland, Oregon where he is a resident artist at the awesome Scapegoat Tattoo. He does some of most fun, folky-traditional tattoos around, cranking out dynamite original flash at lightspeed. If you want a tattoo from Manee then email him at and check out his Instagram to see the rest of his work.