Guest Artists


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Eloise Jerard 3/23-3/24

Eloise currently tattoos at Man's Ruin in Melbourne, Australia. Her style may be best described as blackwork, however she works with a myriad of styles from large-scale ornamental to traditional. To schedule with Eloise you can reach her via email and you can see the rest of her work on her Instragram

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Jayme Goodwin 3/29-3/30 

Jayme is currently tattooing at Blue Rabbit in Sacramento, California. Jayme specialized in detailed, illustrative Japanese tattooing, ranging from large-scale, full-coverage projects to dynamite one-shot tattoos. To see the rest of his work you can head to his Instagram and you can contact him about booking via email

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Kira Knowlton 4/26-2/28

Kira tattoos out of White Lodge in Glenwood Springs, Co. She'll tattoo any number of subjects but you can bet that whatever you get from her will be fun, colorful and, most importantly, well done. You can reach her via email about booking and you can see the rest of her work on Instagram