Guest Artists


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J.D. Pruitt 11/8-11/12

Our good buddy J.D. will be with us again in a couple weeks! He's well known for his colorful, illustrative tattoos and he always fills his schedule fast so get in touch with him ASAP if you'd like to get tattooed. You can reach him via email and you can view the rest of his work on his Instagram.

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Jon Larson 1/25-1/28

He's back! There was a big response when Jon came to town recently so he'll be back soon to make as many party tats as possible. You can contact him via his email and you can see the rest of his work on Instagram.

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Ricky Cavaness January 

Ricky's a great friend of the shop and we're psyched that he'll be spending a good portion of January tattooing with us (when he's not up snowboarding, that is). Ricky specializes and black and grey and color realism but he's an extremely well-rounded tattooer that can handle anything you give him. You can reach him about booking via email and you can view the rest of his work on his Instagram