Guest Artists


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J.D. Pruitt 8/24-8/26

James is a Denver based tattooer who's made a name for himself around the area over the last several years with his unique, illustrative style that's instantly recognizable. You can reach James for scheduling via email and you can view the rest of his work on his Instagram

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Jon Larson 8/30-9/1

Jon is currently working out of Depot Town in Ypsilanti as well as Harlequin in Hamtramck, Michigan. Jon is very well known for his unique style of tattooing, using classic American imagery (along with some of his own) and putting a bold, colorful twist on it. You can reach Jon about booking via email and you can see the rest of his work at his Instagram

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Charlotte Timmons 10/30-11/1

Charlotte is currently tattooing out of Modern Body Art in Bermingham, UK. Her bright, lively animal tattoos are impossible to miss, using a colorful palate and her bold, illustrative style to bring these adorable creatures to life. You can reach Charlotte via email and you can see the rest of her work on her Instagram