Guest Artists


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Kadee Spangler 7/23 & 7/25

Kadee works out in Detroit, Michigan at the fantastically named FutureLazerTiger! Her tattoos are just as fun as the name of her studio covering every whimsical and pop culture subject possible (and more importantly, they're always well done). You can reach Kadee via email at and you can see the rest of her work over on Instagram

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Josh Bowers 7/24-7/26

Josh tattoos out of Iron Heart tattoo in Des Moines, Iowa and he's one of the nicest guys in tattooing. Josh's style could best be described as new-school/neo-traditional and he tackles a wide array of subjects. He also makes some pretty fantastic tattoo machines. To see the rest of Josh's work or to schedule an appointment you can head to his website!

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Johnny Murtaugh 7/31-8/2

Johnny works at Central Tattoo Studio out in Philadelphia, PA. He's specializing in in modern blackwork tattooing with a strong emphasis on fine line detail and creating heavy contrast. You can see the rest of Johnny's work on his Instagram and you can reach him at