Guest Artists


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Minka Sicklinger 10/18-10/19

Minka is good friend and we’re glad to have her back for what will be her 4th guest spot with us. Currently working at Daredevil Tattoo in New York City, Minka focuses on blackwork tattooing, often referencing reptiles, plant life, occult imagery and flapper girls for her work. You can view all of Minka’s work on Instagram and you can inquire about scheduling via email at

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Daniel Hughes 10/24-10/25

Daniel currently works at Sacred Tattoo in Marquette, MI. His style could be described as illustrative traditional, although he tackles black and grey, ornamental and neo-traditional styles as well, a skilled jack of all trades. You can schedule with Daniel by email and you can see the rest of his work on Instagram.

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Nicole Meyerson 11/5-11/8

Nicole is visiting from Chicago, IL where she currently works at the Burnt Tiger. Nicole’s work, while containing many elements from traditional tattooing is completely her own. She utilizes subjects from psychedelics to alien abduction and everything whimsical in between. To schedule with Nicole you can email and you can see the rest of her work on Instagram.